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Tornado Target - High Resolution Floating Sector Precision Tornado Forecasts for Storm Chasers
Our TTM (Tornado Target Model) is a customized ultra-high resolution (2.7km) weather forecast model focused on a 'floating sector' over the most active severe weather areas in the nation, with an emphasis on tornado forecasting.

During the winter, if there is no severe weather expected the model will center on areas of expected heavy snowfall and perform snowfall forecasts.

A few examples of Hurricane Arthur 2014 (at the old 10.5km resolution)

Plains TornadoTarget example

TTM Specs
  • Customized ultra-high resolution (2.7km) forecast model
  • Proprietary 'APRWX' Algorithms for Severe, Tornado & Snow conditions
  • Forecasts that increment every 15 minutes
  • 12 hour forecast
  • Floating sector zooms in to the area of greatest interest each day
  • Has 2 modes of focus: Severe & Snow
  • Forecast updates every 2 hours
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